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One of the most difficult things a family can face is a birth injury. When you are expecting a child, you try to do everything right. You read the books, take good care of yourself, and entrust you and your baby’s health to medical professionals. A birth injury is particularly shocking when the harm caused to your child was due to the negligence or medical mistake of doctors and healthcare workers. If your child has been injured due to medical negligence or mistake, speak to the California birth injury lawyers from Donahue and Horrow LLP for guidance.


Unfortunately, birth injuries occur more frequently than you might think. It is estimated that 1 in every 9,714 babies are injured at birth in the U.S., which amounts to 76 every day. These injuries can cause physical, behavioral, learning and language problems that can last a lifetime. Worse still the gravity of some birth injuries cannot be fully assessed until the infant starts missing developmental milestones.


Birth injuries are harm caused to a baby before, during or after the birthing process. They can range from negligence in monitoring the fetus, a mistake in medication given to the mother, a mistake handling a complication during birth, or countless other ways. These injuries can cause irreparable harm to the child and in some instances even death.


Donahue and Horrow LLP have helped countless victims, and their families, get the compensation they deserve. We handle cases involving:



What is particularly troublesome with these cases is while some injuries are evident at the time they happen, others arise later as the child develops. These injuries may take weeks, months or even years to appear. When these injuries arise, children may need costly medical care that can include surgery, physical therapy and ongoing medical support that can in some instances, last a lifetime.

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birth injuries caused by medical negligence.

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